DUNE/ProtoDUNE Official Data Catalog

Maintained by the DUNE Central Production group


Monte Carlo Samples

Detector Data

Name Date Status
ProtoDUNE SP Production 2 Fall 2019 Ongoing
Monte Carlo Challenge 11 (MCC-11) Fall 2018 Complete
Monte Carlo Challenge 10 (MCC-10) Winter 2017/2018 Ongoing
Monte Carlo Challenge 9 (MCC-9) Summer/Fall 2017 Complete
Monte Carlo Challenge 8 (MCC-8) Winter/Spring 2017 Complete
Monte Carlo Challenge 7 (MCC-7) September 2016 Complete
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Name Date Status
ProtoDUNE-SP Sep 2018 Ongoing
ProtoDUNE-DP Mar 2018 Work in Progress
Data Challenge 2 Apr 2018 Temporary Data Sets for Data Challenge 2
3x1x1dp Data Summer 2017 Ongoing
35-ton Data Fall 2016 Complete