3x1x1 Dual-Phase Prototype Detector Data

Updated Feb 19, 2018

SAM Dataset Name SAM Query Links Comment
trj311_12jun2018_1 describe, summary, files Binary-format DAQ .dat files
wa105_3x1x1dp_larsoftimport_pass2 describe, summary, files Imported into LArSoft art format
wa105_3x1x1dp_fullreco describe, summary, files WA105 data reconstructed with fast-reco (not LARSoft) format


There is an older dataset definition "wa105" which is keyed only on the run number, and therefore includes both the DAQ files and the imported files, which are a mixture of formats, and thus this dataset shouldn't be used. describe, summary, files

There is an older dataset definition "wa105_3x1x1dp_daq" which got cluttered with reco files. We probably should take snapshots instead to make sure these stay put. describe, summary, files

The first pass of the import is listed here, using dunetpc v06_47_00. Contains a bug in the handling of timestamps fixed in pass2. describe, summary, files