Protodune-SP (NP04) Data

Updated 29-Aug2-19 2019

Page with detailed run lists generated by protoDUNE operations

Definitions for particular HV and beam configs can be found via

Raw data


2nd pass production run (DUNE.campaign PDSPProd2)


where RUN is the run number HV is 180kV and Beam is 7GeV (you can change the #s but keep the units)

1st pass production run

Individual runs from calibration, cosmic and physics streams have predefined datasets with the format:


where RUN is the run number (not zero padded).

Not all runs have reconstructed datasets available. You can check by doing:

samweb list-files "defname:protodune-sp_runset_RUN_reco_VERSION_v0" --summary

There are now also test sets with a small # (5-12) of files from each run:


where RUN is the run number (not zero padded) and versions means v07_08_00_* where * is any version.


are sets used to prestage the testsets.

There are special sets for the HV scans: np04_cosmics_hv-scan_6509-6535_reco_v07_08_all_v0
You can find out about individual runs by looking at elisa online information stored by run at


SAM Dataset Name SAM Query Links Comment
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics describe, summary, files Recommended for analysis
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_05_physics describe, summary, files Not included in unified dataset at the moment.
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_04_physics describe, summary, files Use unified dataset above.
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_03_physics describe, summary, files Use unified dataset above.
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_05_cosmics describe, summary, files Cosmic runs only.
np04_hit-reconstructed_v07_06_00_physics describe, summary, files No longer recommended for use.
np04_decoded-raw_v07_06_00_physics describe, summary, files No longer recommended for use.
np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_03_allruns describe, summary, files
np04_hit-reconstructed_v07_06_00_allruns describe, summary, files
np04_decoded-raw_v07_06_00_allruns describe, summary, files
np04_raw_physics_online_good_runs describe, summary, files
np04_cryostat_commissioning describe, summary, files
np04_coldbox_test describe, summary, files
np04_coldbox_test_apa3 describe, summary, files
np04_coldbox_test_apa4 describe, summary, files
np04_coldbox_test_apa5 describe, summary, files


The "unified" dataset is the union of the v07_08_00_03 and v07_08_00_04 datasets. The releases are identical other than v07_08_00_04 uses a newer version of ifbeam. Since the dunetpc code is identical in both cases it is safe to use files from both releases in the same analysis.

The hit-reconstructed datasets include hit reconstruction (including space point solver) and drop most of the raw digits and all artdaq fragments. The decoded-raw datasets are the outputs of the raw decoder, also dropping the artdaq fragments.

Datasets with "physics" in the name are only those runs tagged with the physics data stream. As such they will only be from about run 4544 onwards, or the period with beam in fall 2018. The "allruns" datasets include all run types.

In the datasets with hit-reconstructed and decoded-raw in the name we also include the dunetpc version in the name. That helps distinguish from future reprocessing passes with a newer release.

The np04_raw_physics_online_good_runs dataset includes raw data in the "physics" data stream that was declared good at the online level. Applies only to the data since beam turned on.

Data set np04_coldbox_test is all data that has been taken with the coldbox. Coldbox testing formally ended as of run 1395 (23 April 2018) Data set np04_coldbox_test_apa3 is all data that was taken with apa3, runs 630 to 781. Data set np04_coldbox_test_apa4 is runs 844 to 1071. Data set np04_coldbox_test_apa5 is runs 1113 to 1395. See protodune logbook for whether the box was cold or not, etc. Data set np04_cryostat_commissioning has included all data since they started purging the cryostat and all during the fill. Will close this set out once beam starts hitting a full cryostat.

Instructions on how to read ProtoDUNE-SP data can be found here:

Older info on how to read coldbox data, but works for any data since that time too, at

Scripts to generate runlists are in /nashome/s/schellma/dune/runListCreation